Westfalia Autocode service tool

Autocode - Vehicle Specific Wiring Kit, Coding Tool

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When a vehicle specific wiring kit has been fitted the vehicle’s towing features need to be activated. To activate the vehicles towing features easily and accurately we use Westfalia Autocode service tool.


Autocode is a lightweight, hand held device from which data can easily be captured and transferred to a PC. This enables us to program your vehicles ECU so it recognises you are towing .

Without the auto code tool having a vehicle specific wiring kit fitted is a waste of time and money. some company’s try to put you off having a VSK fitted to you vehicle because they do not have anyway of coding your vehicle, but here at Towbars2U we use the best equipment available.

if you have any questions regarding the Autocode tool, or vehicle specific wiring kits please get go to are contact page and leave a message. We will be more than happy to help with any quires.


Please use this link to read about towing electrics and vehicle specific wiring kits

towing electrics


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